Last month when the Australian government indicated that they would pass new legislation that forces the big tech companies to pay for the local news creators for using their content, Google threatened to shut down its search engine in Australia. However, it took Google less than a month to retreat on that threat and take a 180-degree turn to strike first of its many deals with several Australian news outlets.

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It is no surprise that big-tech companies have found themselves in hot water with the regulators over the past few years. The governments around the world want to avoid the…

In a world dominated by social-media and posts filled with sarcasm, how can AI accurately detect sarcasm?

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AI has become the backbone of everything that we do today. From your personal emails to self-driving cars, AI is ingrained in every technology we use in our day to day life. Over the past few years, I think one of the biggest ways AI capabilities have been leveraged by businesses has been with chatbots and online customer service and this includes support not only on the businesses’ websites but also the social media platforms.

With more people than ever using the social media to interact with customer support, it is virtually impossible for businesses to scale to the demand…

Covid-19 brought the world to a standstill and 2020 is the year most people would like to forget. For the tech companies though, 2020 proved to be a great year as far as the bottom line goes.

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In 2020, we saw organizations around the world adapting to the changing circumstances and witnessed digital transformations that would have taken years to happen under normal circumstances.

With a promising vaccine around the corner and the new year just a few weeks away, here are the top 5 tech predictions for 2021:

  1. Increased Focus on Quantum Computing Use Cases

While several companies have made claims about quantum advantage and/or quantum supremacy, Quantum Computing is still a fairly new concept. …

Last week when I logged into my computer and tried to log in to one of the websites, I got the notification from Chrome that they believe my credentials for certain websites may have been exposed as part of a data breach (please note that this is not a data breach at Google). …

Despite the big tech companies being in hot waters with the regulators over the past few years, Microsoft has somehow been able to avoid the scrutiny faced by its peers during the same time. This is an amazing feat provided that Microsoft has had its own history of legal battles with antitrust regulators but the organization has done a great job to be on the right side of the fence over the past few years.

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As someone who is interested in technology and business strategy, I have been observing big tech companies and their business strategies for the past several…

COVID-19 has forced organizations to digitally transform at a pace that was unimaginable until a few months ago. The biggest change, in my opinion, has been in the way how people interact with each other and the word of the year goes to “Virtual”. Everything from workplace meetings to school classes, from graduation ceremonies to doctor’s appointments has turned virtual and it is no surprise that the biggest winners in all this are the tech companies that have made it possible for us to work remotely and be productive.

Even if the pandemic ends tomorrow, I see a majority of…

Over the past few years, Cloud Computing has enabled firms to accelerate innovation by reducing capital expenditure for startups. The number of SaaS companies has exploded over the past few years. There are around 7,000 SaaS companies just in the Marketing field and the SaaS industry is projected to generate $157B by 2022 (Leftronics, 2020).


The rapid increase in the number of SaaS businesses has led to fierce competition for market share between several firms offering pretty much similar functionality through their software. So, what exactly is the differentiating factor between a successful and an unsuccessful firm?

No points for…

If you have followed tech news lately, you may have heard about the president of the United States wanting to ban TikTok in the US over privacy-related concerns and later providing the company with a 45 days ultimatum to either negotiate a deal or get shut down. Microsoft has been the front-runner in companies interested in acquiring TikTok’s operations in the USA.

Microsoft’s interest in a video-sharing app that involves teenagers dancing and singing along to popular tunes seems unusual, especially because outside of the success of Xbox, Microsoft has been relatively weak in consumer services. The increased focus on…

A couple of days ago, the EU demanded major concessions from Google over the Fitbit deal. Since the acquisition was announced in November last year, the deal has faced a lot of criticism from regulators and consumer groups about how Google’s access to Fitbit data could be used to further enhance their search advantage. In fact, some people on twitter suggested that they are moving to Apple Watch as they don’t want Google to have any more insight into their life, especially medical information.

I do believe there should be transparency about what data is being collected, who is it…

I have had several visits to my blog post about how to correctly use Porter’s 5 forces and a few requests to write one on how to perform a VRIO analysis. VRIO is a complex and tricky framework to apply but it can lead to some great insights and help the firms identify strengths and weaknesses when applied correctly.


Like Value Chain, VRIO is a framework that is used for Internal Analysis of a business. VRIO is used to identify the unique capabilities and resources that are potential sources of sustainable competitive advantage. The keyword here is “sustainable”.

Resources: Resources…

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